Delivering Mentorship Program Support & Strategies to Diverse Youth Populations

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  • Technical Support and training to the mentor field for continuous quality improvement.
  • Provide support to regional mentoring coalitions.
  • Provide a website featuring a database of mentoring programs, as well as educational resources, and calendar of events.
  • Partner with the research community to initiate and conduct rigorous California-based research on youth mentoring.
  • Host state gatherings to advance California’s youth mentoring efforts.
  • Initiate marketing to increase mentoring awareness and financial support.


Youth mentoring occurs when a caring adult offers guidance and support to a young person. It can happen in a variety of contexts. In fact, most adults have been an informal mentor to a young person at one time or another and may not have even realized it.

Mentoring has been shown to be a powerful way to help young people achieve their potential, and MENTORING:

Can improve a youth’s attitude towards parents, teachers and peers.

Focuses on the importance of education.

Helps mentees to navigate daily challenges.

Provides a positive structure for free time.

Highlights options for career paths.

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Work will be conducted through a combination of:

  • Administrative and technical assistance staff from California Center for Youth Development and Health Promotion, Center for Applied Research Solutions, Mentor Management Systems, and Friends for Youth.
  • Regional support of local coalitions.
  • Partnership with California-based mentoring researchers.
  • Statewide gatherings.

A major focus will be to support to mentoring programs by working with regional mentoring coalitions, as well as providing research and materials on mentoring best practices though the CMP website. In addition to web-based resources, assistance will be furnished to mentoring coalitions and programs by a pool of seasoned technical assistance providers.

To reach these goals, activities will include:


The California Mentoring Partnership’s mission is to act as an advocate for the advancement of effective mentoring by encouraging, developing, strengthening, and sustaining quality mentoring programs throughout the state.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Create and manage database of California programs.
  • Develop online platform to provide programs with educational resources and event notifications, as well as for potential volunteers to find appropriate programs.
  • Furnish no - or low-cost technical support and training to the mentor field, based on research-based best practices.
  • Provide support to regional mentoring coalitions.
  • Partner with the research community to initiate and conduct rigorous California-based research on youth mentoring.
  • Host periodic state gatherings to provide education to mentoring organizations, and to inspire and reenergize program staff.
  • Initiate marketing to increase the awareness of mentoring activities, and to put out the call for volunteer mentors and financial support.

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The Results are In! 2015 Mentor Program Survey

CMP is proud to announce the release of the 2015 California Mentoring Survey Report, administered and analyzed in partnership with the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities. Our survey reached 123 California mentoring programs, yielding valuable information about the state of mentoring in California. Results can be used at the local, statewide, and national level, to inform program operations and to help build greater support for our mentoring movement.

Click here to view/download the report.

Announcing the 2016 National Mentoring Program Survey! Putting California on the Map- Stand up and Be Counted

In order to continue to promote mentoring across the United States, CMP is collaborating with MENTOR to launch the 2016 National Mentoring Program Survey. This survey is another opportunity to help increase the awareness, viability, and future funding of programs just like yours. The information collected by this survey will play a vital role in helping CMP continue our efforts to expand and support mentoring in our region by:

  • Advocating for more investment in mentoring from public and private sources.
  • Targeting new investments that can fill gaps in services in particular communities or for specific groups of children.

If you participate in this survey, not only will you have access to national mentoring data, but the responses from California will be available in a separate report to advocate for mentoring in our state. Individual program data and customized queries may also be requested from CMP and MENTOR.

Programs that participate will be entered into a drawing for a cash prize (winner is $500, second place is $250) that can use towards program supplies or activities for the youth you serve. Surveys must be completed and submitted by October 1 in order to qualify for the drawing.

Programs in California can complete this survey between July 15th and October 1st, 2016. Access the new national 2016 survey link here:

FAQs about new survey:

Make sure that your program is ready to stand up and be counted as part of the mentoring movement in California and beyond!

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this survey, please contact: Erika Green at CARS - - 707 568-3800 ext 202.